Grange Farm Hobbies Centre exists to provide facilities for Education, Recreation, Leisure and Sporting Activities for the people of North Lincolnshire. So if you live out on the Isle and would like to find a central easy to get to venue to increase the members of your group then why not give the centre a ring and organise to view the centre to see if we can accommodate your groups needs.
Grange Farm Hobbies Centre
01724 848 644
About The Hobbies Centre
If your group needs a new home or if you just need a place to hold a party the Hobbies Centre in Scunthorpe can provide you with a safe and secure venue that is available for any group that needs a regular place to meet. We pride ourselves by being able to offer our facilities without any prejudice towards race, disability, sexual orientation or of political or religious preferences. Over the years we have had many groups regularly use our facilities from Bingo and Dog Training to Amateur Dramatics and Stamp collecting. Some of our current groups have been using the centre for many years as the facilities we provide are ideal for all your needs.
About The Hobbies Centre
Room 3
Size: 39.26 sqm
Sports Hall
Size: 116.34 sqm
Committee Room 1
Size: 37.40 sqm
Main Hall