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Scunthorpe Judo Club
Judo is a sport that helps children develop many skills, as they get fitter, learn values and have fun along the way.

Judo will help children improve their general fitness level, increase co-ordination or movements and develops spacial awareness, flexibility and agility…with Judo you become fighting fit.!

Through its moral code Judo teaches values like honesty, modesty, courage, courtesy and respect all valuable attributes that we carry through our life.

Judo is a lot of fun, as you learn the techniques, grade up a belt and make new friends at your club. It is a sport suitable for both boys and girls of all ages abilities, shapes and sizes.

The Scunthorpe Judo Club meet regularly at the centre at the following times…

Mondays - Senior & Advanced Juniors - 6:00pm till 8:00pm

Fridays - Beginners ages 5yr and upwards - 6:00pm till 8:00pm

If you need any information please contact Darren on 07526 560 439