Grange Farm Hobbies Centre
01724 848 644
The Gym came to the Hobbies Centre in early 1965 having relocated from the town centre.

It has always been run as a non profit venue. any money made being reinvested in Gym equipment. It could be described as a “back street gym” as opposed to a profitable business gym. We are managed by our own Committee all of whom have been members for more than 20 years each, testament to how good the Gym is.
Membership is capped at 40 to allow for quality training for each individual rather than the busy atmosphere of business gym’s.

Membership is based on a yearly subscription (from April to April) and grants access to the Gym rooms 24/7 hour basis. Discounts will apply to students training in the summeron production of a students discount card. Each member signs a Contract of Conduct for while they are members.
Please contact Kev on 01724 847856